KEYS TO THE LICHENS OF ITALY - 19) PYRENULA (with Blastodesmia and Eopyrenula)
Pier Luigi Nims
Apparatus of images: Andrea Moro - Software and databases: Stefano Martellos

This is a key to all species of Pyrenula, Blastodesmia and Eopyrenula known to occur (or potentially present) in Italy, for a total of 11 species (Nimis 2016). Pyrenula is a large, mainly tropical genus of the Pyrenulaceae, which is poorly represented in Europe. A worldwide key was published by Aptroot (2012), who accepted 169 species out of the c. 745 named taxa in the genus. Good descriptions and a key to all British species are in Orange (2013). The genus Eopyrenula, with c. 6 species wordlwide, was segregated from Pyrenula owing to the different ascospores and macroconidia, the lack of an involucrellum, and the very small perithecia; a single species occurs in Italy. Blastodesmia is a monotypic genus presently included into the Pyrenulaceae, with a non-lichenised epiphytic species. For further details see Aptroot (2012).


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Last modified: December, 1, 2022

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