Pier Luigi Nimis
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Nephroma is a subcosmopolitan and rather well-known genus of c. 36 species (see e.g. Vitikainen 2007). A phylogenetic analysis by Lohtander & al. (2002) has demonstrated that all Nephroma-species form a monophyletic group, presently placed in the Nephromataceae, and that Peltigera is the sister group to Nephroma. The European species were monographed by James & White (1987), who gave important insights on their complex chemistry. Relevant, more recnt works are those by Timdal & al. (2020, 2021).
This key includes the eight species which are known to occur in Italy (see Nimis 2016, Timdal & al. 2021), plus a species known from Switzerland, which should be looked for in the Italian Alps.


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