Pier Luigi Nimis
Apparatus of images: Andrea Moro - Software and databases: Stefano Martellos

This is a key to the 4 species of Clauzadea occurring in Italy (Nimis 2016). The genus accommodates 4 species formerly treated as Lecidea or Protoblastenia, which differ in the uniform brown pigmentation of the apothecia, the non-septate and halonate ascospores, and the asci with an amyloid tube in the tholus; the type II conidiophores and the apical and lateral conidiogenesis provide additional valuable characters. A phylogenetic analysis based on molecular data suggests that the genus is most closely related to a group of genera (including Bryobilimbia, Farnoldia, Lecidoma and Romjularia) that do not belong to Lecideaceae s.str. (Fryday & al. 2014). All species occur on calcareous rocks. The genus has been monographed by Meyer (2002).


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Last modified: July, 23, 2021

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