KEYS TO THE LICHENS OF ITALY - 82) HYMENELIOID LICHENS (Eiglera, Hymenelia (incl. Ionaspis), Tremolecia)
Pier Luigi Nims
Apparatus of images: Andrea Moro - Software and databases: Stefano Martellos

The present key, comprising 18 species, includes all species of Hymeneliaceae (Hymenelia incl. Ionaspis, Tremolecia) known to occur in Italy (see Nimis 2016), plus the two species of Eiglera, a genus which was often considered as related to Hymenelia and Ionaspis, but differing in the amyloid apical dome of the asci and closely related to the Acarosporaceae (Miadlikowska & al. 2014), in which it was included by Jaklitsch & al. (2016), although according to Knudsen & al. (2021) it is best placed in its own family, the Eigleraceae. In spite of careful numerical taxonomic studies, the characters of Hymenelia and Ionaspis overlap considerably; the type of photobiont, which in the past was used to separate the two genera, is now considered as irrelevant for their separation (see Lutzoni & Brodo 1995), so that I prefer to treat here all species of Ionaspis under the older name Hymenelia.


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