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Sporastatia A. Massal, a genus of c. 10 species occurring in montane and arctic regions of both Hemispheres, was for a long time included in the Acarosporaceae (see e.g. Magnusson 1936) due to the multi-spored asci. Already Hertel & Rambold (1988) had noted some similarities with Catillaria, and Rambold & Triebel (1992) placed the genus in the Catillariaceae (see also Hafellner 1995). Its taxonomic position has been clarified by Miadlikowska & al. (2014): the genus is related to Rhizocarpon, but placed in its own family, the Sporastatiaceae. Good descriptions and a key are Wirth & al. (2013), and Ryan & Nash (2004).
This key includes only the two species occurring in Italy.


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