Pier Luigi Nimis
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Phlyctis (Wallr.) Flot. is a genus of c. 20 species (Tønsberg 2004), which has the highest diversity in tropical to temperate areas of the Southern Hemisphere, with two species only occurring in Europe. The genus was traditionally included in the Lecanorales due to the amyloid hymenium and the chlorococcoid photobiont. Thallus and apothecial structure, however, are more reminiscent of the Ostropales, therefore supporting the placement of the Phlyctidaceae in the latter group, as suggested by molecular phylogenetic inference (Wedin & al. 2005, Miadlikowska & al. 2006, Baloch & al. 2010, Lumbsch & Huhndorf 2010).
This is a key to the two species occurring in Italy (Nimis 2016).


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