Pier Luigi Nimis
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This is a key to the four species of two apparently similar, but distantly related genera with lecideine apothecia and muriform ascospores which occur in Italy (Nimis 2016):
Lopadium Körb. - A subcosmopolitan genus of c. 10 species characterised by asci which lack a distinct apical dome and by thick, more or less simple paraphyses with a dark brown conical cap (Hafellner 1984). The taxonomic position of the Lopadiaceae within the Lecanoromycetidae is still unclear (see Miadlikowska & al. 2014).
Schadonia Körb. - This genus includes 3 species in temperate-arctic areas of the Northern Hemisphere. It resembles Lopadium, differing in the 2-8-spored asci with an amyloid tholus, and in the slender, branched-anastomosing paraphyses without swollen, pigmented apical cells. The genus is usually included into the Ramalinaceae, but at least S. fecunda has been assigned to the Pilocarpacaeae (Miadlikowska & al. 2014).


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