Pier Luigi Nimis
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Generic concepts in the former Thelotremataceae, now included in the Graphidaceae, have changed considerably within the last decade (Frisch & al. 2006, Rivas Plata & al. 2010, 2012, 2013). The genus Thelotrema Ach., in its modern circumscription, is characterised by immersed-erumpent to sessile, non-carbonised, ecolumellate, perithecioid to apothecioid ascomata with a double margin caused by a free proper exciple, and lateral periphysoids. It comprises c. 110 species, most of which are tropical to subtropical in distribution, occurring predominantly on bark. Species of the Th. lepadinum complex were treated by Salisbury (1972); European species were treated Purvis & al. (1995); a world-wide key to thelotremoid species was published by Rivas Plata & al. (2010).
This small key includes the two species known to occur in Italy (Nimis 2016).


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