ITALIC 7.0, the information system on italian lichens

P.L. Nimis & S. Martellos

ITALIC 7.0, the latest version of the Information System on Italian Lichens, has been published online on June, 28th, 2022. The system makes available information and resources about the lichens known to occur in Italy. It is maintained and updated by the Research Unit of Professor Pier Luigi Nimis, at the University of Trieste (NE Italy), Department of Life Sciences. Most of the data are derived from the Checklist of the Lichens of Italy by Nimis (2016), but nomenclatural and distributional data are being continuously updated online, and complete identification keys for some areas of the country, as well as for genera or groups of genera, are published online for testing.

In addition, species descriptions are available in ITALIC 7.0 for more than 3.200 infrageneric taxa (several of which are not known from Italy but do occur in neighbouring countries, e.g. in the Alps and in the Mediterranean Region). Further, a searchable archive of images curated by P.L. Nimis and F. Schumm, not limited to taxa occurring in Italy, presently includes more than 45.000 images for more than 6.000 taxa. Additionally, a project for georeferencing all samples collected in Italy from thirteeen, mainly modern herbaria was started and completed in the first half of 2022. These herbaria are now searchable online, and dot-maps of herbarium samples are visible in the taxon pages of ITALIC 7.0, and are downloadable in Darwin Core format.