Materials for red lists

There is no officially approved Red List of lichens for Italy, but such a list is planned by the Ministry of Environment for the next future. This interface provides lists of potential red-listed species at the national and regional levels. The "extremely rare" (er) commoness/rarity value was utilized to produce these lists, because it is the nearest possible approximation to the IUCN categories ranging from "critically endangered" to "endangered". The national list includes all species which, in the 9 phytoclimatic OGUs, have no rarity value higher than "er". The regional lists, of course, include all of them, plus all species with no value higher than "er" in the phytoclimatic subdivisions present in a given region. Thus, Bellemerea diamarta is not included in the national list because it is "rather common" in the Alps, but is included in the list of Sardinia, since it is "extremely rare" in the Mediterranean mountains of Italy. In the regional lists, the two groups of species are distinguished by different colours: they represent two levels of priority in conservation for regional Authorities.

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