Caloplaca magni-filii Poelt

Planta, 51: 301, 1958.
Description: Thallus crustose, poorly evident, completely immersed in the thalli of Miriquidica nigroleprosa. Apothecia zeorine, sparse, 0.2-0.5 mm across, with a rust-red to orange-red, flat to convex, rough disc, and a slightly raised, sometimes greyish-orange, finally often excluded proper margin. Proper exciple relatively thick, with algae in lower part, I+ distinctly blue: epithecium brownish orange, K+ red, C+ purple in section; hymenium colourless, 50-70 µm high; paraphyses simple or sparingly branched, the apical cells only slightly swollen; hypothecium colourless. Asci (6-)8-spored, clavate, functionally unitunicate, apically thickened with a broad internal beak, the inner part of apex and external cap I+ blue, Teloschistes-type. Ascospores 2-celled, polarilocular, hyaline, broadly ellipsoid, 10-12 x 5-6 µm, the equatorial thickening (“septum”) 2.5-4 µm thick, or subglobose, c. 10 µm wide, the equatorial thickening 2.5-3.5 µm. Photobiont chlorococcoid. Spot tests: thallus K-, C-, KC-, P-; apothecia K+ red, C+ purple in section. Chemistry: apothecia with chlorinated anthraquinones.
Note: exclusively parasite on thalli of the silicicolous Miriquidica nigroleprosa, usually from the high montane to the lower alpine belt; widespread in the European parts of the Holarctic, including the Alps, but rare; not reported from Italy, to be looked for in the Alps.
Growth form: Crustose
Substrata: rocks
Photobiont: green algae other than Trentepohlia
Reproductive strategy: mainly sexual
paras Miriquidica nigroleprosa

Commonnes-rarity: (info)

Alpine belt: extremely rare
Subalpine belt: extremely rare
Oromediterranean belt: absent
Montane belt: extremely rare
Submediterranean belt: absent
Padanian area: absent
Humid submediterranean belt: absent
Humid mediterranean belt: absent
Dry mediterranean belt: absent

pH of the substrata:


Solar irradiation:








Altitudinal distribution:


Predictive model

Author: Leif Stridvall

Leif Stridvall - Source:
Courtesy: Anita Stridvall

Leif Stridvall - Source:
Courtesy: Anita Stridvall

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