Agonimia flabelliformis J.P. Halda, Czarnota & Guzow-Krzem.

Lichenologist, 44, 1: 63, 2012
Description: Thallus episubstratic, bright green when wet, pale brown-green when dry, consisting of minutely flabelliform to coralloid or finger-like, 15-150 µm long aggregations of 4-6 goniocysts surrounded by hyaline, thin-walled, gelatinized cortical cells without papillae. Perithecia globose to ovoid-pyriform when old, usually slightly flattened around the ostiole, 0.15-0.25 mm across, superficial or partially immersed, pale brown to dull grey-brown when old, the surface matt and smooth. Involucrellum absent; ostiole 30-50 µm wide; exciple 30-40 µm thick, 3-layered, the innermost layer prosoplectenchymatous, colourless, 15 µm thick; the intermediate layer paraplectenchymatous, dark brown, 10-15 µm thick in upper part, c. 5 µm thick at base, the external layer paraplectenchymatous, colourless, c. 5 µm thick. Hamathecium of short (6-12 x 2 µm) septate periphyses, interascal filaments absent; hymenial gel I+ blue; subhymenium flattened to concave, pale, up to 10 µm high. Asci 8-spored, clavate, thin-walled, fissitunicate with a very thin exoascus, surrounded by a hemiamyloid gel (K/I+ blue), 60-90 x 15-35 µm. Ascospores muriform, hyaline, oblong to ellipsoid, (23-)25-30(-36) x (11-)12-14(-15) µm, with less than 20 cells in optical view. Photobiont chlorococcoid, the cells 8-12 µm wide. Spot tests: K-, C-, KC-, P-, UV-. Chemistry: without lichen substances.
Note: on epiphytic mosses and over bark at the base of trees, more rarely on epilithic or terricolous mosses in shaded, very humid situations, mostly within deciduous temperate forests. Known from several localities in Central Europe, an recently reported from Sweden; to be looked for in Italy. For further details see Guzow-Krzemińska & al. (2012).
Growth form: Crustose
Substrata: bark
Photobiont: green algae other than Trentepohlia
Reproductive strategy: mainly sexual

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The Netherlands

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