Caloplaca oleicola (J. Steiner) van den Boom & Breuss

in van den Boom & Etayo, Mycotaxon, 56: 131, 1995. Basionym: Blastenia oleicola J. Steiner - Verh. zool.-bot. Ges. Wien, 61: 61-62, 1911.
Distribution: N - Lig (van den Boom & Etayo 1995).
Description: Thallus crustose, thinly episubstratic, white to grey-white. Apothecia biatorine, sessile, 0.2-0.4 mm across, with a black, epruinose disc and a thin proper margin. Proper exciple prosoplectenchymatous, brown to grey brown in outer part, colourless within, the pigmented parts K+ violet, N+ orange-red; epithecium grey-brown, K+ strongly violet, N+ orange-red; hymenium colourless, 45-75 µm high, K/I+ blue; paraphyses simple or sparingly branched in upper part, 1-1.5 µm thick at base, the apical cells up to 3 µm wide; hypothecium colourless. Asci 8-spored, clavate, functionally unitunicate, apically thickened with a broad internal beak, the inner part of apex and external cap I+ blue, Teloschistes-type. Ascospores 2-celled, polarilocular, hyaline, ellipsoid, 11-15 x 6-8 µm, the equatorial thickening (“septum”) 4-7 µm; lumina of immature spores sometimes sandglass-shaped. Photobiont chlorococcoid. Spot tests: thallus K-, C-, KC- P-. Chemistry: exciple and epithecium with unidentified anthraquinones.
Note: this is one of the few black-fruited epiphytic caloplacoid lichens. The type material is from Liguria. I have also seen samples from Greece and Turkey: it could be more widespread in the Mediterranean Region, but it is certainly not common in Italy. The species is included in the Italian red list of epiphytic lichens as “Data Deficient” (Nascimbene & al. 2013c).
Growth form: Crustose
Substrata: bark
Photobiont: green algae other than Trentepohlia
Reproductive strategy: mainly sexual

Commonnes-rarity: (info)

Alpine belt: absent
Subalpine belt: absent
Oromediterranean belt: absent
Montane belt: absent
Submediterranean belt: absent
Padanian area: absent
Humid submediterranean belt: absent
Humid mediterranean belt: very rare
Dry mediterranean belt: absent

pH of the substrata:


Solar irradiation:








Altitudinal distribution:


Predictive model

Jan Vondrak - Source: W - Holotype