Floristic query interface

This interface generates lists of species. The query is complex: the operator must select whether to work on the whole country or on one of its 20 regions, then a phytoclimatic area, and then (optionally) any combination of parameters. Queries where only a geographic area is selected just return its hitherto known lichen flora (e.g. regional floras, that of submediterranean Latium, etc.). Indicator values and other ecological parameters can be combined in such a way as to reconstruct different ecological scenarios, thereby obtaining "virtual releves", which may even simulate presence-absence data in a single vegetation plot. The predictivity of "virtual releves" was tested by a comparison with real data by Nimis & Martellos (2001), and proved to be high. Species lists produced by this interface might be of interest for several potential users: one can obtain a list of lichens which are likely to be encountered on Greek Temples of Mediterranean Sicily (biodegradation), a list of the most common foliose sorediate species on isolated oaks in Tuscany (biomonitoring), a list of very rare oceanic lichens in the mountains of a National Park (conservation, forestry), etc.

Select on which taxa you want to work on: